J Steele

3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m

Brooklyn Nets superstar, Kevin Durant is going to the line for Jay-Z.

A lot of mixed opinions followed Jay-Z’s statement that no rapper could compete with him in a Verzuz battle.

Durant echoed Jay’s statement saying, “Gen Z got Jay-Z f****d up!”, calling on the younger generation to give HOVA his flowers.

Kevin Durant is certainly from the generation that grew up with Jay-Z, but one has to wonder if his allegiance to ‘Hov comes from the legendary rapper bringing Durant to Brooklyn where Durant is paid handsomely to play for the Nets, a team he’d been looking to play for during his previous free agency.

In my opinion, Jay-Z isn’t in a class all his own, but it doesn’t take long to call roll. I do agree with Durant, but different generations put different emphasis on different aspects of music. “It’s a bop” doesn’t necessarily translate to lyrical prowess, which is an area where Jay-Z runs circles around most of today’s rap artists.