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Losing a beloved restaurant is always sad. It’s even more difficult to accept when that restaurant has been around for decades and is a fixture in the community.

The past few years, we’ve seen plenty of great local restaurants have to shut their doors due to the ongoing pandemic. Even without a pandemic, it’s hard to make it as a local eatery, which is why I always love to support my local spots.

Now, Cloverleaf Restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor has announced it will close after almost 30 years. A sign on the door at the Cloverleaf Restaurant, which is at 201 East Liberty St. in Ann Arbor, announced the sad news that it closed its doors permanently on Dec. 17.

“Thank you for three wonderful decades and a lifetime of memories,” the sign states. “…We deeply appreciate your patronage and support over these past 27 years… We could never thank you enough. The Cloverleaf has been our second home, and we have been ‘lucky’ to have you as part our family. We will miss you dearly.”

The restaurant has been in existence since 1982. Its current owner is George Stamadianos, and the restaurant was originally purchased in 1982 by Nick Stamadianos, George Stamadianos’ dad, who headed it up with co-owner Dominic Argiero. The restaurant was famed for its delicious diner-style food. One favorite was the Cloverleaf Special, offering a plate of corned beef, hashbrowns, eggs and toast. You’ll be missed!

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