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Michigan is a great place to eat out, as we have tons of options for both cheap and pricey meals. If you’re looking to treat yourself to some very fine dining, a certain Michigan spot might be the perfect spot, since it, reportedly, is the most expensive in the state.

Love Food recently highlighted the most expensive restaurant in every state. “We’ve scoured the country for the most expensive restaurant in every state, based on the priciest main course and excluding places that only offer prix fixe or tasting menus,” they stated on their website.

So, which restaurant is the most expensive in Michigan? Prime + Proper in Detroit. This is why Love Food says it’s on top:

“This swanky, modern spot has suitably swanky prices, with a wagyu strip steak costing a whopping $185 (£138) for 6oz (170g). Slightly more affordable is the porterhouse, $155 (£116) but hefty enough to share, and the Dover sole, $80 (£60). These are quality ingredients impeccably prepared, so nothing is cheap – although there’s a wide variety of wood-fired meats, raw bar specialties, burgers and seafood to suit slightly smaller budgets.”

View the full list here.

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