Chinese food

Chinese food is among the most popular kinds of takeout food. I absolutely love getting delicious Chinese takeout, and being a vegetarian, there are always plenty of vegetable options. Of course, carnivores also find lots to like about Chinese food, so it’s a win-win overall.

If you enjoy good Chinese takeout, the crew at has done the work to find the best Chinese food in all of Michigan. I can’t imagine how fun it must have been to try different Chinese cousin throughout the state to determine the best. The outlet calls itself “the tastiest guide on the web,” which can only be a good thing.

“The US has some incredible Chinese restaurants, from longstanding Chinatown mainstays serving roast duck and chop suey to popular dim sum spots,” states. “There’s so much good food, in fact, that picking the best place to eat can be as overwhelming as selecting a favorite dish. We’ve done the hard work by seeking out the most highly rated Chinese restaurant in every state and Washington DC, from sleek modern spots to family-run favorites.”

So, which Chinese restaurant is the No. 1 in Michigan? According to the study, The Peterboro in Detroit takes the honor. “Located in Detroit’s historic Chinatown, The Peterboro is a stylish yet laid-back spot with colourful, industrial-chic decor and serves a contemporary take on traditional Chinese cooking,” states. “Standout items include the crab rangoon and inventive twists on classics such as these cheeseburger spring rolls (pictured). The restaurant also serves an impressive range of cocktails.” If you want to know more about the best Chinese food around, visit for the skinny.

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