Azealia Banks recently returned to Twitter when she defended Cara Delevingne after a video of  the model acting weird made rounds on social media. Now, Banks is calling out Cardi B saying that she respects the Bronx rapper’s hustle but claims the beginning of her career wasn’t as organic as it appeared to be.

“this is basically you calling her an industry plant,” a fan tweeted at Banks.

“She was an industry plant lmao,” the “212” rapper wrote. “But sis took advantage of the opportunity and rode that bitch the f— out, assembled the right team, seized the moment, and made herself a cultural mainstay. U have to respect it.”

Banks also threw some shade at Iggy Azalea where the compliments were nowhere to be found.

“Sis really was supposed to use T.I for whatever he was worth, drop the blaccent – give fancy and a slew of other kesha type joints, then give fashion mogul Victoria Beckham K—,” she wrote. “But she’s giving the single mom thing she really thought whiteness would shield her from.”

She added: “Lmao and ur dumb a– is really trying it. House music is a black American art form. All that music u think is native to the UK is lifted from black American groups like underground resistance, drexciya etc. Donna Summer is literally the first techno artist in history.”

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