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Working from home was the norm during the pandemic, and now, many workers are still working remotely. As it turns out, Michigan has one of the best cities in the entire U.S. for working from home.

The crew at has put together a study of the best cities for remote work in the U.S. “With employees more eager for a blended working approach than ever before, project management software popular among remote teams, Teamwork, has put together some data on the best U.S. cities for remote work,” they state in the study. “Teamwork looked at the cities with the lowest rent, best-paying wages, and even the cost of a beer or three-course meal for two to find the best and most affordable cities to consider moving to if you’re working remotely.”

According to the study, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the third best city in the United States for remote workers. That’s not a huge surprise to me, because my best friend lives in Ann Arbor and loves it. So, what makes it so good for working from home? Well, discovered that even though the average cost of living is $1,718.85, Ann Arbor’s moderate monthly costs for internet, gym memberships and meals made it a choice city for working from home. Moreover, the average salary in Ann Arbor, according to the study, was $5,677. The No. 1 city in the country for working remote was Cheyenne, Wyoming, followed by Huntington, West Virginia. Following Ann Arbor, Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas, Texas, round out the top five.

For whatever reason, Ann Arbor is really great when it comes to finding cheap eats. “If you’re on the hunt for an inexpensive meal, Cheyenne, Wyoming topped the list at just $5 per ‘cheap meal,’ followed by Provo, Utah at $7.40, Lexington, KY at $10, Billings, Montana at $11.20, and Ann Arbor at $12,” the study states. View the full study from here.

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