A view of Buzz Lightyear at Walt Disney Studios (Disneyland Paris) in Paris, France, on September 14, 2019. Disneyland Paris is one of Europe's most popular attractions. In 2017 Disneyland Paris has received 320 million visits since its opening in 1992, 56% of which came from outside France (mostly Europe). (Photo by Salvatore Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The upcoming film Lightyear has been banned in the United Arab Emirates, these Middle Eastern countries banned the film because of a scene that involved a same- sex kiss. In the scene filmed as a montage, Uzo Aduba’s character space ranger Alisha Hawthorne shares a kiss with her wife becomes pregnant, and has a son.

Movie theaters in the UAE, a federation of seven dheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula, had already advertised showtimes for the film. But over the weekend, a social media campaign with the Arabic hashtag “Ban Showing Lightyear in the Emirates,” caught the attention of conservative Emiratis. They described showing a lesbian couple on screen as being against their culture and religion.

An official tweet from the UAE’s Media Regulatory office deemed the film “banned from all public screening because of its violation of media standards.” You may remember, that the scene was originally cut from the film but has since been added back.

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