A makeup artist took to social media to vent about being scammed by a bride–or was she?

So here’s the deal. The makeup artist said she charges $500 to do make up on brides. Seems pretty standard, right?

The problem is a woman booked her for a party (never said wedding) at the rate of $150.

After the make up artist gets to the venue and does the woman’s makeup she realizes she is doing makeup on a bride.

When the bride pays her the agreed upon $150, the make up artist tells her she has to pay an additional $350!

As they go back and forth the bride asks why should she pay more when she got exactly what she requested ‘simple party makeup’

The make up artist only received $200 additional dollars and left. When the make up artist shared the story with her friends they sided with the bride asking if she uses more expensive products on brides or does something different and she said no.

This story hits home for me because I’m a DJ and what I charge for a party is a lot different than what I charge for a wedding! I’m totally siding with the makeup artist here. Sounds like she got scammed into doing “party makeup” but the makeup artist may also be at fault here for not doing her due diligence. Tough to say!

Where do you stand?

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