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This morning we mentioned that there was a local, motivational speaker who was giving away FREE GAS (up to $20k) at a Shell station right near the radio station. I didn’t think much more about it until I was headed home later after the show and saw hundreds of cars lined up down 8 Mile. I thought, WOW! This is a great thing that’s being done for the people. After speaking with several people in line, I decided to learn more about the FREE GAS benefactor.

His name is Adell Kimbrough. He is an artist and motivational speaker here in Detroit. And as part of his “We got your back initiative”, he got with the folks at the Shell Gas s station on 8 Mile & Coolidge in Oak Park and gave them $20,000 to give free gas to the community.


Adell Kimbrough FREE GAS benefactor

How does it all work? Well, each car would get $40.00 in gas. That comes out to about 500 cars. Five hundred people would get what amounts to about a half tank of gas. Not bad.

I was there talking with folks who showed up at 5:50am to get in line for the FREE GAS. While talking to Detroiters, many expressed how much this would help them this week. A few people explained that that amount would indeed take them to almost FULL and keep them driving for at least a week before having to re-fuel.

GAS Party on 8 Mile

The cars wrapped down 8 Mile around Myers street back downaround North End…back to Coolidge.

I stopped in several places to talk with folks and I can’t say that by 12:30pm…I saw 500 cars. The actual GAS Give Back didn’t begin until 2pm. I’m sure by then they were at 500 or more.

It was such a joy just speaking with people, listening to  their stories and getting feedback on how much they loved 105.1 The BOUNCE! Big shout to Mr. Adell Kimbrough. Keep up the good work dawg! The U.S. Gov. could take a few pointers from this guy. Jussssayin’. Z

Let the GAS games begin!

Shell at Coolidge & 8 Mile

Dressed to Impress

Carla was ready to wait. She brought snacks, drinks and all