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ATLANTA, GEORGIA - DECEMBER 04: Rapper DaBaby performs onstage during "Rolling Loud Presents: DaBaby Live Show Killa" tour at Coca-Cola Roxy on December 04, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

DaBaby is opening up about the man who attempted to break into his home back in April.

The North Carolina rapper shot the man who tried to break into his residence earlier this year. For the first time since the shooting DaBaby is speaking up about the incident.

“They didn’t break into my house; they jumped a fence,” he explained to the Full Send podcast. “They had a hoodie on and was, like, knelt down behind a wall and some more shit … I was actually in the studio putting together the tracklist for the album.”

“I got a call from somebody that was outside working, like my contractor. I got a call from him and he was like, ‘Somebody’s on the football field.’ It was just the way he was talking, like, ‘Come outside.'”

DaBaby didn’t go into detail about what happened next but he stated, “The threat was neutralized.”

“Once the situation was under control enough, you get what I’m saying? For me to even be able to process, like, ’cause at first, I don’t know what’s going on,” he continued. “I wouldn’t expect nobody to jump a fence at my house. It’s clearly posted all over the place, ‘No trespassing.’

He continued: “[It felt like] ill intent. All the way until they get there and get this dude up out of there, I walk my property and see what’s up, see where he came in at. We get everything figured out. Yet to me, I still can’t trust what’s going on with that situation. You still don’t know why exactly they were there. But you know, the guy made it out good, he’s ok.”

DaBaby’s kids weren’t home at the time but the “Suge” rapper said if they had, most likely things would have turned out differently.

“You better [protect yourself]. Especially me, like I got kids, I got daughters,” he added. “Had one of them been there, it probably would’ve went a different way. I probably would’ve been even more, like, protective. Contrary to popular belief, I’m way more controlled in high-pressure situations than people think I am.”

The Charlotte native did not get charged for the shooting after Iredell County District Attorney’s Office closed the case in May.

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