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I have so many problems with this. The Game wanted Eminem to do a Versuz battle (even though that’s like The Game committing career suicide) and that didn’t happen, so he’s trying to bait Eminem by dissing him in this latest track.

The Game’s new album, “Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind” is out with 31 tracks, but the one making the most noise is his diss track towards Em, “The Black Slim Shady”.

He takes personal shots and makes fun of Em’s voice throughout the song.

Here’s where I have an issue:

Eminem is known to take shots at everyone but he never took a shot at The Game. In fact, even with The Game constantly going at Em in interviews and social media, he’s stayed quiet. This diss came out of nowhere. Is it truthfully because Em refused to do a Versuz battle? Is it because people have questioned why in the hell The Game thinks he’s better than Eminem? What is he trying to prove?

Eminem doesn’t need to respond. The Game will likely take that as Em being afraid or not up to the challenge but in all reality, Eminem is the highest-selling rapper of all time. I’m a fan of The Game, but this is just soft to me.

Is this all for clout? The Game gets a big ol’ clown emoji in my book.

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