New Shop in Grand Rapids opens for the Sober Curious

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to stop drinking or drink less? The new movement, called Sober Curious is on the rise. Many people want to still drink but without alcohol. And now a new store, the Alt City NA Bottles and Beer in Grand Rapids, opened to meet the demand for non-alcoholic beverages.

According to, the Alt City NA Bottles and Beer opened in Grand Rapids at 434 Leonard St. NW. The co-owner, Neil DeMeester, believes this may be one of the first stores of this type.

“I think there’s a ton of people that want to be sober for different reasons, whether it’s just taking a break for a week, or a month for like dry January, or whether it’s a medication or a life event, that they just want to be sober,” DeMeester told FOX 17 News. “The demand has been overwhelming.”

With the staycations and lockdowns slowly receding into history, social drinking has become more common again. And with alcohol consumption increased by more than 21% during the pandemic, what better time to get sober?

The business was created from the idea of supporting this new “sober curious movement”. They have de-alcoholized wines and mixes to make cocktails. And with the growing rise in this movement, the owners say keeping bottles on the shelves is difficult.

The three co-owners started the business together after opening a similar store in Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

Alt City NA Bottles and Beer opened before Thanksgiving, but their grand opening was just this last Friday the 13th.

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