Marlon Wayans is calling out Jay-Z. In a recent interview, the comedian and actor wondered why Jay has never invited him to the annual Roc Nation brunch that is held prior to the Grammy Awards. Wayans went on to say that Diddy invites him to all of his parties but seemingly his invitation from Jay has continuously been lost in the mail.

The host started the convo by saying he also had a “bone to pick” with Jay which is where Wayans responded. “Oh my God bro, I got the same bone.” Wayans said. “I get in Diddy party all the time. Diddy hit me, ‘Aye, like dat, come through, Ciroc, Deleon, take dat, take dat shot, come have a good time.’ Always! JAY-Z… crickets, crickets. And I be looking at that brunch like, ;How the hell did he get in there?!’ You be having all these worthless a– people in this damn brunch.”

He continued: “Jay-Z is a funny dude. He listens to the streets. You ever hear that song, ‘Streets Is Watching?’ Jay-Z be listening to the streets so all we gotta do is talk about this and I guarantee you next year, I’m going to get an invite to the… and you gon’ be my plus one.”

“I am lying,” he joked. “[I would take] my little man, Shawn,” referring to his 21-year-old son.

While Wayans is checking his mailbox for Jay-Z’s invitation, he will be keeping busy with his new movie role. Wayans is starring in Ben Affleck’s upcoming film, Air. The film is about how Michael Jordan signed his first sneaker deal with Nike. Wayans plays George Raveling, a former college basketball coach. Raveling went on to serve as an assistant coach for Team USA in 1984.

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