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I’m Shannon Renee and here’s your Scoop!

Well, it’s the first day of spring and it’s also free cone day! You can stop by any Dairy Queen today and grab a free cone to celebrate the start of the season.

If you travel Woodward from 8 Mile to 696 in Oakland County, there’s going to be tons of construction to deal with. They’re doing sidewalk upgrades, drainage improvements, road surfacing and more. There will be lane closures, and that’s such a busy stretch of road that it’s going to be a difficult commute. The construction started this morning at 5:00 AM and will run through late fall. So, if you travel that area make sure that you plan for extra time or find alternate routes.

I told you a few weeks ago that T-Pain was releasing a covers album called On Top of the Covers. Well, it dropped on Friday and I was excited to hear it because it was supposed to be an entire album without Auto-Tune. Now, I am not an Auto-Tune fan by any stretch of the imagination. And while it’s not Auto-Tune, it must be baby Auto-Tune because there’s something on his voice! There definitely is some kind of processing on his vocals. But aside from that, I was pleasantly surprised that T-Pain can actually sing! You really should give it a listen. Especially his cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”.


Since I am the hip-hop hippie, I was super excited when I heard Rick Ross bought a farm in rural Georgia that he calls “Promise Land”. But it seems there was some drama there over the weekend when a bunch of his animals got loose! And, of course, he has a “Karen” for a neighbor that was freaking out, taking all this video, calling the police and having a fit. I guess there were cows and bulls and buffalos were roaming around the neighborhood, up in this lady’s yard and everything. But it sounds like they were herded back to his ranch and all is well at “Promise Land”. It sounds so cool though! I’d love to check out Rick Ross’s ranch!

I’m Shannon Renee and that’s your Scoop!