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Love Island Casting Call

Well, if you’re single (like Mean Jean) you might like this. ‘Love Island USA’ is casting their next season and they’re looking for contestants from Detroit! This show is on Peacock and it’s the most streamed, unscripted series that they have. The premise of the show is that all of these single people stay at a villa, try to find love, and compete to win $100,000. They say that they’re looking for people who would not want to be on a show like this. They’re looking for relatable people who are diverse, down-to-earth and charismatic. If that’s you, maybe you could find love and win some money! You can apply online here


Nick Cannon Talks Mariah Carey

Speaking of love, Nick Cannon recently spoke to Shader about his relationship with Mariah Carey. Among other things, he said she was a remarkable woman, the coolest person he’s ever met, and a “gift from God”. I mean, I’m sure he means everything he says, but what about the women that he keeps impregnating every year? I wonder how they feel. Nonetheless, I don’t think Mariah is crossing that bridge again.


Megan Thee Stallion & V.P. Kamala Harris

March is, of course, Women’s History Month and Megan Thee Stallion had a big invite to Washington D.C. She was invited to a brunch that was held at Vice President Kamala Harris’s private residence. Also, in intendance were Lori Harvey and Simone Ashley. The mission was to discuss the economic empowerment of women being an investment in the future of our country. She said when you lift up the economic status of women, you lift up the economic status of families and communities and all of society benefits. Megan took a pic with the Vice President and stuck her tongue out like it was a rock and roll concert. I do love Megan!


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