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Michigan Senate Passes Alcohol To-Go Law

Well, it looks like the State Senate has passed a bill to allow your favorite alcoholic beverages to be served to go. They had passed this during the pandemic to help support struggling businesses and that was set to expire in 2026. But since they’re still struggling with things like staffing shortages and supply chain issues, they want to make this permanent, like 16 other states have so far. The bill does move to the house for a vote to make that permanent. Now, I don’t know how I felt about this when I first read it, but I always thought, as long as you’re not drinking it on your way home, I’m okay with it because I’d rather have you drink it at home then drink it at a restaurant and then drive.

MSU Fails Against Kansas

If you’re an MSU basketball fan, unfortunately the Spartan’s men’s basketball team lost to Kansas 98 to 93 in overtime. That has officially knocked him out of the Sweet 16 tournament. Man, that sucks! But we’re good sports, so good luck to everyone else who is still in that tournament.

Diddy & Family Reality Show

Well, this is the last thing I need because I already stalk his Instagram page along with anyone who’s involved with him. Diddy and his seven children are getting their very own reality show and apparently, they have already started to begin filming. It’s going to be called Diddy Plus Seven on Hulu, and it’s supposed to drop sometime in the near future. It’s cool that it will feature his entire family because a lot of his kids have businesses already. They’re also musical artists. They say they’re also going to show how his family dynamic works. I, for one, need to know how this works! And I can’t wait to see his newest baby on there. We’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for that one.

Rihanna Stalker

A very scary situation for Rihanna. A man traveled from South Carolina to her home to propose to her! Obviously, her team immediately called the police. They put him in handcuffs, questioned him, and they determined he didn’t really break any laws so they had to let him go. Which I’m sure is super scary for her because if you remember, just a few years ago, they found a guy in her house that had been in there for like several days while she was out of town. You know, she’s got a new baby and she’s pregnant, so hopefully she can get a PPO against this guy.

I’m Shannon Renee and that’s your Scoop!