A birth happening in a store parking lot sounds unbelievable. It’s like the movie ‘Where the Heart Is’ with Natalie Portman except the woman gave birth in a parking lot and not inside of the actual store. Green Oak Township Fire Department confirmed with MLive that a baby was born in the Costco Wholesale parking lot in Brighton.

Apparently, husband and wife were on their way to a hospital on Saturday, March 25, and pulled over into the parking lot near Lee Rd. Officials told MLive, they did this because the delivery was “imminent.” This means the baby was coming and on its way.

Delivery of the baby was successful and without complications.

Around 1:30 p.m., emergency officials arrived at the parking lot. The baby was being born and they helped with the delivery. Officials confirmed that the delivery of the baby was successful and without complications. The mother and baby were then taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

“This is an unusual situation, but we’re just glad mom and baby were doing well and we got them to the hospital,” Green Oak Fire Deputy Chief Tracy Chamberlain told MLive.

A similar situation occurred in 2013 when a woman gave birth to her daughter at Michigan Stadium’s (The Big House) parking lot. AnnArbor.com‘s Amy Biolchini reported that Dominika and Dave Wozniak were stuck at a red light at the intersection of Stadium and Main when Dominika’s water broke. At that time, the couple realized street closures and tourist traffic stood between them and the hospital. The couple parked in the lot of The Big House called for help, and their daughter then entered the world.

About two in 1,000 women end up with an unplanned birth according to WhatToExpect.com. They said  if mommy-to-be is ever in a situation where they can’t make it to the hospital, they should assess the situation, call for 911, and stay calm.