A Michigan animal shelter is asking for donations after someone left guinea pigs on the street. According to the Harbor Humane Facebook post, 24 guinea pigs were found in Grand Haven on Wednesday. “Mamas, Papas and even babies…all the cutest piggies that will be with us through their stray hold (4 days) and then be made available for adoption!” said the Harbor Humane.

The 24 guinea pigs were discovered at the intersection of 138th and Green St. in Grand Haven. The individual who stumbled upon them collected the small animals and placed them inside a box. Eventually, they were transported to the Sheriff’s Department and promptly transferred to the shelter.

“We need your help!”

To help the guinea pigs during their stay, the shelter is asking for supply donations. “We need your help! We’re asking for donations of guinea pig supplies,” the shelter said. Some donations mentioned in their post include special food, hay, treats, toys, and more. They’re also accepting monetary donations.

The Community Reacts.

Many people rushed to the comments under the Facebook post to share their thoughts. “So sad this happened! So glad they are safe and hopefully can find loving homes!” a comment said. “Just donated for the wee piggies! I cannot understand how people can be so heartless,” said another comment.

While some people commended the person who found them. “Trying to catch 24 piggies would be so hard to do lol I’m super impressed, but still wondering where the 24 pigs came from?” one commenter said. Someone also said, “Mad props to anyone that can catch a loose piggy.”

At the time of this post over $600 was raised for Harbor Humane and the care of the guinea pigs. If you are curious about helping the little guinea pigs, more information can be found here.

See the original Facebook post below.

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