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Exclusive: Vice President Kamala Harris Shares Her Vision For Small Business & Education

Vice President Kamala Harris stopped in Detroit on Monday and talked exclusively with Kiss FM's Mildred Gaddis about the administration's new goals for Americans. Harris shared the idea of their wealth-building mission, and they feel that if you invest in someone now, their grandchildren can experience intergenerational wealth. Mildred Gaddis talks with Vice President Kamala Harris in Detroit. The plan includes supporting local businesses and highlighting the crucial role of education in today's job market. [audio mp3="https://1051thebounce.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/31/2024/05/VP-HARRIS-INTERVIEW.mp3"][/audio] Listen above for the complete interview. Kamala Harris on Supporting Small Businesses Harris underscored the administration's commitment to supporting small businesses, particularly those owned by minorities and black-owned, which were disproportionately affected during the pandemic. "It was our great concern that so many small businesses would have to close permanently," Harris said, underlining the swift actions taken to provide financial aid to keep businesses afloat. "If we are to grow the wealth and the opportunity for intergenerational wealth in the community, people have to be seen as whole humans," Harris reiterated. Vice President Kamala Harris with Mildred Gaddis The administration has put together programs to help with loans for small businesses and homeownership and deal with obstacles like debt. Harris said, "Debt holds so many people back; I'm doing this because I want people to not just be able to get by but get ahead." Kamala Harris' Focus on Education The power of education leads to success, and Harris wants to ensure that we create a path to success. Harris said, "There really are very few jobs that one can thrive in, in terms of their income, if they don't have some education, including not only K-12 but education after high school... including apprenticeship programs." "IBEW and union apprenticeship programs are extraordinary; you get paid while you're in it, and it's a high-level skill that allows people to make a living where you can buy a home and take your family on vacation. Vice President Kamala Harris talking in Detroit Harris' Commitment to Detroit Mildred Gaddis only had seven minutes to talk with the VP, but she promised to return to Detroit and discuss more. So stay tuned for round two with Kamala Harris.  Later, Gaddis called into the Mason & Starr show to talk about the exclusive interview and gave her an inside scope of what she thought about the VP and how she felt the conversation went. [audio mp3="https://1051thebounce.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/31/2024/05/MILDRED-WITH-MASON-STARR.mp3"][/audio] Listen here for the complete conversation with Mason & Starr.