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Angry Passenger Bites United Airlines Flight Attendant During Meltdown

Watch as an angry passenger bites a flight attendant during an on-flight meltdown. Now, that video is going viral online. This is merely the latest crazy story to come out of the not-so-friendly skies. Lately, we've talked about naked aisle runs, angry passengers, and more. As if flying wasn't already inconvenient enough, unruly passengers aren't making that any easier. Check out the latest viral example below. Angry Passenger Bites Flight Attendant During Meltdown An angry passenger is shown on video biting a United Airlines flight attendant during a wild meltdown on a plane. She even rips part of his uniform off! It's a crazy scene that's unfortunately becoming incredibly common on planes these days. According to Daily Mail, it happened on United Airlines Flight 762 from Miami, Florida to Newark, New Jersey but it barely made it off the runway before the drama unfolded. As you can see in the video below, it took a lot of people to subdue this subject and wrestle her into zip-ties. The flight ended up having to be diverted to Orlando, so it clearly didn't make it very far. Daily Mail reports the plane had the biggest bodies on the flight sit next to her to keep her in her seat until police could arrive to take her away. A fellow passenger on the flight tells Daily Mail the epic meltdown started because the woman was blocked from getting to the plane's bathroom. Angry United Airlines Passenger's Meltdown Goes Viral It sounds like an ugly scene as Daily Mail says she was yelling and cursing at everyone on board and even threw punches and spat on staff and other passengers who attempted to intervene. The plane erupted in applause when she was finally taken off the flight in Orlando. According to Daily Mail, she was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation and no arrest has been made at this time. You can watch the viral video of the incident below. Warning: there is strong language. https://twitter.com/fl360aero/status/1811248664938975319

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