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Why Messi Has The Most Popular Jersey In Sports

In a world of Mahomes and LeBron, it's Messi that has begun to take over the sports gear scene. The Athletic recently reported that world soccer star Lionel Messi has the top-selling Adidas jersey throughout all sports. Although Messi has only been in the United States for a year playing for Inter Miami CF, when you break it down, this popular jersey news comes as no surprise. Sure, he is arguably the best soccer / football star on the planet. In addition, there are some marketing x-factors that make that #10 shirt highly desirable. "Having Adidas’ global best seller signed to an MLS club is an indicator for the league that it has the opportunity to break into new markets around the world — especially over the next several years when all eyes will be on the international competitions coming Stateside," The Athletic said. Towards the end of the 2023 season the New York Times also reported on the popularity of the Miami Messi jersey as well. They said, "Within a couple of days of Messi’s announcement, the company had received almost 500,000 requests from stores and suppliers for jerseys in Miami’s soft, electric pink." Let's Take A Look At Why The Messi Jersey Is So Popular Aside from the obvious fact, the he is the game's biggest superstar, there are some off-field contributing factors. First, the fact that Messi plays in Miami is very relevant here. South Florida is a great market for soccer and often draws international attention. Inter Miami CF also happens to be owned by another mega star: David Beckham. Beckham not only made the club happen, he brought Messi to town. These are two significant factors when it comes to the brand engine behind the success. The electric pink color was a brilliant choice. It's unique, bold, and can be picked out of a crowd. It's fair to say no other men's professional sport team has a shade of pink like this as their primary color. These types of fluorescent looks are quite popular among today's youth. Lastly, the soccer jersey style is often referred to as simply a "shirt." What makes this advantageous is that the soccer shirts are simple and comfortable to wear. They are not bulky like a football jersey. They do not require an undershirt like a basketball tank top. With the 2024 MLS season underway, the Messi show will hit every major MLS market. It's safe to say you will notice a see of pink #10's among the fans in attendance even at Miami road games. [select-listicle listicle_id="724748" syndication_name="4-nfl-teams-we-expect-to-wear-new-uniforms-next-season" description="yes"]

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