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Detroit Ranked One Of The Best Cities For Single People In The U.S.

It's officially cuffing season, and Zumper has released their list of best cities in America for single people. Detroit ranks as one of the best cities for single people in the U.S. (at 17). Here are a couple quick takeaways from the study. Atlanta ranked first for single people. New Haven, CT has the highest percentage of single people (61.49%), daters in Gilbert, AZ are the most satisfied and Bakersfield, CA is the worst city for daters. According to Zumper, some of the cities in the top ten include Atlanta (GA), St. Louis (MO), and Minneapolis (MN). I went to school in Orlando (FL) and it was great to see they also made the list. Best City For Singles Looking at the cities in the top ten, you can see that they're all over the country. I was thinking that maybe warm weather cities would be higher on the list than cold cities because there's more to do year round. That theory was proven to be incorrect as Minneapolis is near the top. So, there must be other factors in play. To come up with the list, which ranked the top 100 cities in America, Zumper used a number of different criteria. They considered percentage of single population in the city. They also considered the median rent price of a one-bedroom apartment, as affordability is an important factor for singles. Dating satisfaction, entertainment options and restaurants per capita, and cost of living were all measured, as well. To me, this makes sense. A thriving dating scene should have lots to do and a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Additionally, all of these categories were weighted and balanced given a letter-grade score from A to F. If a given factor was ranked higher than 80% of the cities it was given an A. Higher than 60% of other cities were given a B. Then, a C for a ranking higher than 40% of the other. Finally, a D for higher than 20% of the cities and an F if it was in the bottom 20%. How Motown Performed Once all of these were scored and put together, the overall score was given based on the provided factors and categories. When it was all said and done, we had a better picture of why Detroit was named one of the best cities for single people. Based on the data provided by Zumper, Detroit was given an A in percentage of singles, entertainment per capita, and restaurants per capita. The Motor City received a B for median rent prices. We were given C's for dating satisfaction and cost of living. Then, unfortunately, our beloved city scored F's for unemployment rate and non-family median income. Detroit ranks as one of the best cities for single people in the U.S. carried by the number of [inlink id="date-night-delights-5-must-visit-spots-in-detroit" text="single people"] , good restaurants and things to do. Check out the full list and methodology on Zumper. [select-listicle listicle_id="419657" syndication_name="date-night-delights-5-must-visit-spots-in-detroit" description="yes"]