Too Harsh? Dad Punishes Daughter By Shaving Head

Is this dad a hero or a bully himself? In a post that has since been deleted from the website Reddit, this dad explains that his 16-year-old daughter recently got in trouble for bullying a student with cancer. The dad explained that there was already beef between the two girls, since his daughter is dating…

Hey Mom! Kraft is paying for your babysitter!

Kraft has announced that they will reimburse your babysitting costs on Mother's Day, so you can relax! They'll reimburse you up to $100 if you submit your receipt for the babysitter you hire on Sunday. Here's the thing: They're only reimbursing a total of $50,000 which is only 500 moms at $100 so enter now!…

Drake or J Cole ???

In a game where there are so many rappers trying to steak their claim to the throne. There is only one in my mind who is wearing the crown these days.