Haunted Michigan Episode 1 Download

01:09:24 Download October 3rd, 2022

Welcome to Episode 1 of Haunted Michigan. What a way to kick off this series….with two authors and one ghost hunter. There are many tales told, and all based here in Michigan. 

We start off with author, Kat Tedsen.  She was the first person I interviewed for this project, and she was fantastic! She’s been all throughout the state and told some great stories about Eliose, The Whitney, Sam’s Joint, being touched, scratched, and more. She talks about walking through the tunnels of Jackson prison, even a private residence that had some big activity in it with a spirit attached to the home owner. One of the most intense stories she told was about an incident that happened at an Italian hall in the U.P.
Up next, it’s Heather Childers from Chicks & Spirits. Another really good storyteller. She told me how C&S started, what they do, and how she got her start. She then went on to tell a crazy story about an experience she had at Stimson hospital in Eaton, Mi. Let’s just say, the lights had to be turned on. She also explains some of the equipment they use and how they help in their experiences, too.  She did cheat a little bit and told a terrifying tale that happened to her in another state. 

Author Nicole Beauchamp rounds out the first episode. She’s also been doing this for a long time, with two books on her resume and another one coming. She tells a crazy story about an instance that took place at The Whitney downtown. This will not be the last mention of that place in this series. She tells a horrifying story from a graveyard in a Detroit cemetery. Very creepy…..that’s just for starters. 

Thank you so much for checking out episode 1…..# 2 is coming next Monday. I’ll give more details as the week goes on…..Happy Haunting!


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