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Marygrove College Dropping it's Undergraduate ProgramMarygrove undergraduates scrambling to find a new school now that the Detroit college on West McNichols announced Wednesday that it will drop its undergraduate degree programs this winter and go to a strictly graduate school.

Woods Reaches Deal In DUI Case: Tiger Woods has reportedly reached a plea agreement in his DUI case. He is going to enter a first time DUI offender diversion program and plead guilty to reckless driving. A new hearing date has been set for October 25th. Woods will be on probation for 12 months.

Credit Card Skimmer Found at Northville Gas StationThe police department said it had found a credit card skimmer on a gas pump at a Marathon on Main Street on Wednesday. The skimmer was on the pump for an unknown amount of time before police were able to remove it from the pump. According to Northfield Township Police, they don't believe it caused any credit card information to become compromised.

Caitlyn Jenner to Confront O.J. over Rumors he Slept with Kris JennerKris Jenner's fiancé claims she was sleeping with both OJ Simpson and Robert Kardashian, who admitted to his pastor and two best friends that Khloe was not his biological daughter.

Inflatable Chicken Resembling Trump placed near White HouseA large inflatable chicken meant to resemble President Trump was placed near the White House on Wednesday.

Trump Childhood Home For RentDonald Trump's childhood home in Queens, New York is now being rented out on Airbnb. The owners want $725 a night to stay in the 5-bedroom bungalow.

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