According to, Michigan’s favorite game (as of 2021) is Among Us. If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Thing” you know the premise of Among Us is that there is an alien among the crew. This alien(s) purpose is to eliminate the crew and keep it from being discovered. Among Uswas created as a mobile device game in 2018 and then spread to consoles like the Switch in 2020. While the pandemic was awful, it did help increase the popularity of games like Among Us and Animal Crossing. Being shut in for so long led to many gaming adventures.  Among Us also made the term “sus” popular based on the idea of one of the crew being “suspect” or “sus” because, for numerous reasons, some can be as simple as just being the “red” guy.

The other contenders for top games across the United States also included Roblox and Minecraft. I have been subjected to all these games because of my wonderful 8-year-old son. Honestly, I have become a fan of these games while playing them with him. Roblox is number one overall and at first, I thought the crude graphics would not interest me, but there are many games far more complex than most studio-made games. Some are so popular that they have spawned their own merchandise and fan base.  And Minecraft, a build-your-own-world open-world, is an amazing game of complexity. If you have ever been a fan of SIMS or Legos, you’ll probably love Minecraft too.

Other than comics, RPGs and art, I could talk about games all day. But here are some of my current and old favorite games I would highly recommend.

  • 1. Fortnite

    Okay, yeah I jumped on the bandwagon. With the old days of Halo 2 and Gears of War seemingly far behind, I looked into a new party fighting game. There is a huge learning curve for the “Building” process, but the game is just so funny. There are so many elements of humor and that you forget you are slaughtering each other. The violence is toned down a bit with gore being replaced by energy burst as you perish. There is a huge element of getting “owned” being a noob, but you really have fun no matter what. And the game is constantly updating and changing to stay fresh.

  • The Witcher 3

    I’m still playing it, kill me! Anyone that loves The Witcher tv series I hope has played this game. Many of your friends may have already completed this game, but if you haven’t, PLEASE play it. There are so many good stories that you’ll have fantasy on your mind for months. One story that stood out for me was a sad werewolf whom you had to decide who was the real villain. I chose the werewolf of course! The video as a little bit of violence, but it’s the least violent one since the game is wall-to-wall visceral intensity. 

  • Dicey Dungeons

    I have the Game Pass on X-Box and it gives you a lot of games to look at one of the cool puzzle games I played was Dicey Dungeons. It’s a nice, calming game between any massive gaming adventures you may be having. Or if you are just waiting for that annoying Fortnite update to finish. 

  • Fallout 3 and 4

    These are on Game Pass also, so you can give them a try if you haven’t already in the past (It’s been seven years?). The epic sandbox worlds created in Fallout are truly amazing. You can really customize both your character and how you approach your playing style. Maybe you like jumping into combat, maybe you like shooting from afar, maybe you like being sneaky. There are elements to do all of these things. I have not ventured into Fallout 76, but have heard mixed reviews. Suppose I have to give it a shot at some point.

  • Wobbly Life

    Other than the Game Pass, I am loving Steam games. My son has got me into all of the favorites like Minecraft and Roblox, but one of my favorites to play with him is Wobbly Life. It is such a simple but great game. It’s a sandbox world but it is best played with friends or family. It is one of those rare super non-violent games that is just delightful to play. It is like the kid version of Grand Theft Auto. Just pure goofy fun.

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