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In addition to there being a recommended worker for just ringing up drink orders, "At a self-service restaurant or concession stand, the number of counter staff should be limited consistent with social distancing. Workers should place food and beverages on the table, counter, or other surface rather than handing purchases directly to patrons...Bartenders should model safe behavior by wearing a face covering and gloves when they are behind the bar...Patrons should hold their own identification for bartender inspection. If a worker must handle a patron’s ID, the worker should then dispose of their gloves and wash their hands before resuming service."

It’s National Night Out today. Yes, gather up your friends or your significant other and you’ll have the club going up on a Tuesday! Now, I used to go out all of the time with my girlfriends and now that I am a mom I usually just go out for special occasions. But yet the question is still always “where should we go”. It’s rarity that everyone in a group can agree on a place to go so we are here to help you pick the perfect place to dance the night away.

Whether you go out once-in-a-while or weekly, Detroit nightlife has you covered. Visit Detroit put out a list of eight of the top nightlife spots in Downtown Detroit. I have highlighted five of those here!