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In today’s Shannon’s Scoop lets talk about a cool Detroit beer tour, Pete Davidson removes his Kim Kardashian tattoos, & Biggie limited edition Air Jordan sneakers are up for auction.

  • Detroit Beer Tour

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    Learn about Detroit’s beer history while you sample beers around the city! Detroit History Tours is having two events on 2/4 & 2/25. You’ll hear stories about past beers in Michigan and guided tastings at local breweries. There will also be beer trivia and prizes. Tickets are $89 & you’ll get a seat on bus & flight of beers, snacks, & tips for the staff at the breweries.

  • Pete Davidson Removes Kim Kardashian Tattoos

    Pete davidson and Kim no longer an item as of 5 months ago! Apparently he has now erased everything from their relationship! He’s removed all those tattoos he got while they were together like My Girl is a Lawyer tattoo & the initials of her kids. he was spotted shirtless on the beach on vacation & it was noticed they were no longer there.

  • Biggie Limited Edition Air Jordan Sneakers Up for Auction

    This year is the 50th anniversary of hip hop. Biggie is being honored with a limited edition Air Jordan! This is a Nike collaboration with the Christopher Wallace foundation. They are currently up for auction through February 3rd. To bid on them click here.