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With less than a month away from the looming tax deadline of April 18th it is time to get those 2021 taxes done. To help, here are some things you can do this week to make paying your taxes a little easier.

  • Find Your 2020 Tax Return !

    It’s the best blueprint to guide you through what information you”ll need to gather this year, even if some (or many ) details have changed. If you can’t find your return, you can visit http://IRS.gov to download a tax transcript (a summarized version of your return ) instantly or request a hard copy via mail, which should arrive in five to ten business days.

  • Make A List Of Major Events That Happened In 2021

    Take a moment to reflect on any significant life events you have experienced since you last thought about taxes. You have a new baby, got married, or bought or purchased a new home? These changes will make a difference in what you owe. To ensure the best possible filing outcome, you will need to account for each one of these categories on your return – don’t just rely on last year’s forms.

  • Go On A Form-Finding Mission.

    Find all your tax forms , the ones you got in the mail, the ones sent to your email or through your employee portal. You need to gather all forms showing income you had during the year: For full-time, salaried employees, you’ll receive a W-2, a 1099 for freelance income, unemployment compensation, and investment income, along with checks you received from the government. Last year’s tax return can help you remember which forms you need this year.

  • Check For Receipts!

    Check for receipts so you can have all your deductions in one easy spreadsheet or in one place at least. You can log into each and go to the tax forms section of their websites – most will have some variations- to pull any tax documents.

  • Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help !

    If you need help, don’t skip on finding a CPA to help you get your business in order and file your taxes without worry. You can also work virtually with someone in a different area, this could be especially helpful if you live in a city that has high cost of living. Here is a link to find the right CPA for you .