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These are 5 throwback hip-hop artists you might have forgotten about, but at one time they were all over! Can you think of any?

Rappers, singers, and artists come and go. Some take off and have incredibly careers that span generations like Jay-Z and Eminem. However, some end up being one-hit wonders and others have some success for a few years before falling completely off the Earth. I came up with a list of 5 throwback hip-hop artists you might have forgotten about!

5 Throwback Hip-Hop Artists You Might Have Forgotten About

Before we get to the list, take a minute to think of some examples of throwback hip-hop artists you might have forgotten about (or think others likely have forgotten about). If you look throw old playlists you might be shocked to see some of the artists on there and have no idea who they are…but at one time they ruled the airwaves.

Rappers like Nelly, Ludacris, and 50 Cent became popular back in the early to mid 2000s and are still active players in the game today. Sure, they’re not as big or famous as they once were but they’re still household names and go on tour. Not every artist can say that! Many have fallen off and are now just a name and a song on a forgotten playlist. However, we can’t let them die out completely! At one point, some of these forgotten artists had some of our favorite songs that we knew every word to! Maybe we even tried to dress like them or emulate their style or flow. Certainly, I can’t be the only one who tried wearing a Nelly band-aid to school. That was a very difficult day. I did not do that a second time.

Alright, you did your thinking. Were you able to think of any throwback hip-hop artists you might have forgotten about? Let us know who you thought of! Check out our list below! Do you remember all 5?

5 Throwback Hip-Hop Artists You Might Have Forgotten About

  • Mike Jones

    While some of us (including myself) can still recite his phone number by heart, others are left asking, “Who?” when you talk about Mike Jones…only they aren’t doing it ironically anymore. No, they are literally asking “Who?” in regard to Mike Jones. That’s a bummer because he even named his album “Who Is Mike Jones?” and now that’s coming back to bite him.

    Mike Jones was all over during the early-mid 2000s. Houston was one of the biggest rap cities back then giving us artists like Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Bun B, and more. Jones had huge hits like “Back Then,” “Flossin’,” and “Still Tippin’.” I loved those songs back in the day! Now, I’m not sure where Mike is, but at least I know how to get a hold of him: 281-330-8004.

  • Chingy

    Chingy had crazy hits back in the day! Everyone knew the lyrics to “Holidae In” and sang it all the time. “Right Thurr” had us all talking with the St. Louis accent. There were many more hits than just those two.

    However, you don’t hear much from Chingy these days. I’m sure he made enough money from the hits back in the day to still be living just fine. At least I hope. Disclaimer: I’m a huge Nelly fan. That’s my derrty! So, I took Nelly Mo’s side in the beef between the 2 but still have to give Chingy his flowers for having massive success during the mid 2000s.

  • Unk

    Do you remember Unk? It should sound familiar because he had some big hits back in the day. You probably remember bangers like “Walk It Out” and “Two Step.” He popularized a dance movement that had us all doing it. This was totally the “Ringtone Rap” that was popular back then where you just had to have a catchy hook to make a hit. Unk mastered that. He had his hits and then it seems like he Two Stepped his way out of the spotlight. We’ll always have those hits, though!

  • Murphy Lee

    I mentioned my love for Nelly earlier and I feel the same way towards the other notable St. Lunatic, Murphy Lee! Murphy was featured on some of Nelly’s hits like “Air Force Ones” and had a killer verse on “Batter Up.” He also had some success on his own. “Wat Da Hook Gon Be?” was a huge hit! I was also a big fan of “Luv Me Baby.” You don’t hear much from Murphy Lee anymore but he still gets tons of plays on my playlists! He’ll always be one of my favorites.

  • Tone Tone

    Waddupdoe? What Up Doe? Whaddup Doe? However you want to spell it, we know what you mean in Detroit. It’s probably Detroit’s most famous catchphrase. If you ever hear someone use that phrase, you can instantly know they’re from Detroit. Personally, I first heard it in Tone Tone’s “Waddupdoe?” That song was so catchy! He had a couple hits back in the day representing Detroit but you don’t hear too much from him these days. However, “Waddupdoe?” will forever live on in infamy here in Detroit. “Luv The Way She Doin’ It” was a catchy song, too. We loved those tracks back in high school. Hope he’s doing well and still holding it down for the 313.

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