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Gello is a “sex symbol” wannabe, lover of all things wrestling, father of two Hot Cheetos obsessed kids, buddies with his boxer Alex, and committed to his in-home caregiver, also known as…the wife. His passion for radio started at a young age and grew a bit more while attending community college.  Yes. He went to community college – don’t judge!

In his early 20’s, Gello made a few career twists and turns.  He started a Government job at age 23 and dove into the radio broadcast industry shortly after.  He spent several years honing his on-air talents with Riviera Broadcast Group, Sierra H. Broadcasting, and now Beasley Media Group.  These fine places introduced him to new people, big ideas and global concepts that helped shape him into the person he is today.

Gello’s talents and abilities expand beyond the radio industry.  He was crowned Osborn Middle School’s Pop Locking Champion at the age of 12, and to his knowledge, still holds the title to this very day.  He can be found gracing the pages of AZ Foothills Magazine where he was voted “Best Local Radio Talk Show: Morning Drive (May 2017).  You can also find him enjoying yet another community event with his Random Acts of Kindness program, which received the Michigan Association of Broadcast Award for Community Involvement.  He enjoys Vlogging for his YouTube Channel (over 1 million views and counting), filming and editing his next viral video, or thinking of something creative with his colleagues and clients.

Q&A With Gello

If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing right now?  I would definitely be working for some tech company.  Maybe Google!

Who is your celebrity crush?  Jennifer Lopez 

How would you describe yourself in three words?  Crazy, Sexy, Cool.  🙂

Dream vs Battle: Usher vs. Chris Brown

What is your favorite thing about the D?  The people.  Genuine and hardworking.  I just have a great deal of respect for the people in this city! 

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