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60SecondBuzz: DYC Wows Judges In AGT Finals–Lil’Kim & Faith Evans Announce Tour–And A Saved By The Bell Revival In The Works!

A DUI Stop Involved an Amish Buggy with a Massive Speaker System | D Bag Of The Day

New Detroit Restaurant Will Pay Wait Staff $15/Hour, Including Benefits!

60SecondBuzz: Kevin Hart Sued Over Sex Tape–Lil Kim/Faith Evens Teaming Up–Detroit Youth Choir LIVE in Finals TONIGHT!!!

Florida Couple Does the Nasty in Patrol Car After DUI Bust | D Bag Of The Day

Come Out And Support The DETROIT YOUTH CHOIR For The Official Watch Party, TONIGHT (September 17th)!

60SecondBuzz: Beyonce Snubbed?–Felicity Huffman Sentenced to 14 Days in Jail –And UAW On Strike!

Did YOU Know?…

Ku Klux Klan Application Found in Michigan Police Officer’s Home | The Gello Show

A Guy in a Full Captain America Costume Is Busted for Burglary | D Bag Of The Day

Meet Your Best Friend At The Detroit Zoo TODAY And New Tiger Habitat Unveiled!

Detroit Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Shave

60SecondBuzz: POPEYES ‘BYOB’ (Bring Your Own Bun)?–Actor Terrence Howard To Retire–And New Tiger Exibit At Detroit Zoo

A Guy Breaks Into a Home, Then Tries to Have a Booty Call There | D Bag Of The Day

Rihanna To Play ‘Poison Ivy’ In “The Batman”?

60SecondBuzz: Christina Milian Hacked Nick Cannon’s Phone Before Break Up–Detroit Youth Choir Makes AGT FINALS–iPhone 11 Camera Design Trigger Warning!

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