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The Gello Show | D Bag Of The Day | December 14, 2018

The Toy That Has Parents Wondering Why It Was Created!  If you are a parent or have ever been around kids, you know that from time to time they can get a little bit rowdy. So, in what may be an adult's worst nightmare, the toy makers over at Hasbro just created something you might hate.

Do you really agree with this ??

This sounds like some fake statistics. According to this article in . If you ask these certain questions on a first date they will tell you weather or not the date would be willing to have sex on the first date. Like for instance ... If you ask "Do you like the taste of beer?"…

Christmas Dinner in a Can ?!?

Yupppp you read that correctly. If you're feeling extra lazy or just feeling like a trip to the hospital on Christmas you can get down on some of this. It's a 9 course meal in a can. Dessert is included as well, pudding is the final layer. Disgusting Xmas Meal In A Can Is Great…