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Zoo Boo Returns, Suge Knight Comments on Keefe D. Arrest, Lil Wayne Gets Rushed Onstage

News that matters to you from around Metro Detroit and all the celebrity news you care about!   Listen to the full Shannon's Scoop Here... [audio mp3="https://1051thebounce.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/31/2023/10/Shannons-Scoop-100323.mp3"][/audio]   [caption id="attachment_430774" align="alignnone" width="594"] The Detroit Zoo's annual Zoo Boo events kick-off this weekend. Family's can enjoy Halloween-themed activities at the Zoo all month long.[/caption] Zoo Boo Returns For October This is a very popular event around here. Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo is back. It kicks off this Saturday and it' going to take place over three weekends in October. You can expect trick or treating, educational stations, face panting, and of course, the animals. So, throw on your Halloween costumes and take the family down for a good time. It's going to run 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on those weekends. And if your children are two or older, they do need a ticket for entry. Learn more at this link... https://rb.gy/sf1w4 [caption id="attachment_430777" align="alignnone" width="594"] Suge Knight reacted to Keefe D.'s arrest from prison. Knight insists that he won't testify in the Tupac murder case.[/caption] Suge Knight Speaks Out About Keefe D. From Prison TMZ caught up with Suge Knight on the arrest of Keefe D. You know, Keefe D. has been out here for years placing himself at the scene of Tupac's murder and saying his deceased nephew, Orlando Anderson, was the shooter. Police say that Keefe D. was the one who procured the gun for him. Suge is currently in prison for manslaughter and TMZ spoke with him. Suge said he and Keefe D. have been friends since they were kids, that they played on the same football team, and he didn't want to see him arrested wouldn't wish jail on anybody. He said Orlando is not the shooter, but he won't say who it is, and he won't discuss Keefe D.'s involvement. Very odd. Suge was in that BMW in '96 with Tupac when he was murdered. Technically these people were shooting at him too. For me, I feel like he has some sort of involvement and if he was called to testify, he may have to talk about. Although, Suge has said he would not testify. We'll have to see what comes of it. Here's more from TMZ... https://www.tmz.com/watch/2023-10-02-100223-tmz-live-suge-1702256-663/ [caption id="attachment_430780" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Lil Wayne was lucky his security is more aware than he is. A female fan rushed toward the oblivious rapper but was intercepted before she got close.[/caption] Lil Wayne Had No Idea He Was Being Rushed By Fan It's like every week we're hearing about crazy fans out there. Lil Wayne was nearly bum rushed by a fan during his performance in Las Vegas over the weekend. A crazy female decided to rush the stage. She was scooped up quick by security but in the video of the incident, you could see that Wayne was in his own world. He didn't even realize she got up there because he was busy lighting a smoke. Check out the video here... https://youtube.com/shorts/yakb_fpQvM8?si=0mFEdaGbTpzJJ9W0 [select-gallery gallery_id="381057" syndication_name="lil-wayne-10-best-songs-ranked" description="yes"]

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