2Pac’s Handwritten Lyrics Up For Auction

For the right price, you can have the lyrics of "Throw Your Hands Up" by 2Pac. The 1995 hit's handwritten lyrics by the late rapper are up for auction. "The song is one of Pac’s finest protest songs and wasn’t released until 1995 on the Pump Ya Fist inspired by the Black Panthers album. The page exhibits rough edges from being removed from the notebook and some handling wear as expected," the auction site states. "In overall very good condition." It continues: "Handwritten lyrics to published songs from Tupac are scarce and some of the most coveted pieces of Tupac memorabilia in the hobby. Accompanied by full Letters of Authenticity from James Spence Authentication (JSA) and ACOA." Currently, there have been three bids for the lyrics, and is priced at $3,630. The auction bidding ends on March 2. You can look at a photo of the handwritten lyrics here. 2Pac Murder Case Update 2Pac's murder case is at a slight standstill as the suspect Duane Keith Davis's (known as Keefe D) [inlink id="2pac-murder-suspect-trial-delayed" text="trial date"] has been pushed back. According to ABC13, Keefe D's new attorney, Carl "E.G." Arnold, asked to delay the trial so that he would have more time to go over the discovery. His new trial date has been moved to November 4 from its original June 3 date. Davis is accused of orchestrating the September 7, 1996, shooting that killed Shakur. He was arrested on September 29. According to police, he is the only suspect in the case who is still alive. The prosecution is not seeking a death penalty on Davis, per CNN. Arnold is confident in Keefe D's chances in court. "The state has to provide evidence of a gun, of a car, and, most importantly, whether Mr. Davis was even in Las Vegas at the time," Arnold said. According to Arnold, his client is "upbeat that he can possibly get out of here real soon." Keefe D's bail is set for $750,000 and he would have to pay 10% of it to make bail. If he's able to make bail, then he could serve house arrest until trial and will have to wear an ankle monitor." [select-gallery gallery_id="715475" syndication_name="7-rappers-whove-never-won-a-grammy-that-should-have" description="no"]

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