Michael Jackson’s ‘Michael’ Biopic Cast Revealed

Michael Jackson's biopic eponymously named Michael has finally revealed its full cast. Jaafar Jackson, the King of Pop's nephew, will play the icon in his adulthood, per Entertainment Weekly. The casting for younger Michael will be played by Juliano Krue Valdi, who has been singing and dancing to the legend's music on YouTube for years, which has acquired him a large following on social media. Who Will Play Michael Jackson's Parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson? Oscar nominee Colman Domingo will play the late Joe Jackson and the matriarch will be played by Nia Long. "Not only am I fortunate to have a rich, complex, and flawed character to portray in Joe Jackson, but I also have a front-row seat for Jaafar’s incredible transformation," Domingo said of Joe, who had a reputation for being a single-minded and determined figure. "Katherine Jackson is an incredible pillar of strength and grace for the entire Jackson family," Long said in a statement. "As a mother, she was selfless and endured forces beyond her control yet still managed to help build a legacy beyond measure. I am honored to bring her voice to the screen and share Michael Jackson's story with audiences everywhere.” Who Will Play The Jackson 5? The film captures the late legend's life from his early days in Gary, Indiana until his untimely death at age 50 in June 2009. Before Jackson was the King of Pop, he was a part of the Jackson 5, which consisted of Michael and his four brothers: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon, for the majority of the band's career. Randy took Jermaine's place when he left the group in 1975 to stay with Motown. As for the young actors playing the brothers, there have been two actors selected per brother to show the younger and then adult versions of the brothers: Jayden Harville and Jamal R. Henderson (as Jermaine Jackson), Jaylen Lyndon Hunter and Tre Horton (as Marlon Jackson), Judah Edwards and Rhyan Hill (as Tito Jackson), Nathaniel Logan McIntyre and Joseph David-Jones (as Jackie Jackson). At this time, the Michael's sisters, Janet Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, and JohVonnie Jackson, have not been included in the film as it seemingly is a look at Michael's music career. Micheal will hit theaters in 2025. [select-gallery gallery_id="699926" syndication_name="these-hip-hop-albums-turn-10-in-2024" description="no"]

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