Living That BOUNCE Life

Living That BOUNCE Life

As the weather gets cooler, you might notice a shift in your skin. In the fall, people with melanin-rich skin should adjust their skincare routine. Fall brings those beautiful leaves, sweater weather, and less moisture in the air, which can all mess with your skin’s hydration.

Cold weather can be tough on the skin. Low temperatures and reduced humidity levels contribute to dry air that depletes moisture from the skin. The combination of harsh winter winds and dry indoor heating can further intensify this problem, potentially leading to skin dryness, cracking, and even bleeding. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis may also become more troublesome during these cold, dry months.

While the indoor air may feel warmer, heating systems typically don’t add moisture to the air. They often reduce indoor humidity levels. In fact, the warm indoor environment can lead to noticeable temperature shifts when moving between indoor and outdoor spaces, causing rapid changes in the skin’s capillaries, as reported by The Washington Post. This may result in redness, broken veins, and inflammation. Additionally, the quality of your sleep plays a vital role in skin health, and an excessively warm home can potentially affect your sleep negatively. Maintaining a lower indoor temperature can help mitigate these issues.

Keep your melanin glow.

According to the Skin Institute, in cases of acne resulting from overly oily skin, the cold air might potentially reduce oiliness and consequently minimize acne occurrences,

To keep your melanin glowing during the colder months, it’s essential to adapt your skincare routine. You can take extra steps to cater to your skin’s requirements. This includes applying sunscreen for protection against UV rays, as the sun’s strength remains significant. Additionally, consider using thicker moisturizers to prevent dryness.

Check out these Fall 5 skin care tips for your melanin-rich skin.

  • Try out a soft and soothing facial cleanser

    With the drop in humidity levels, our skin may begin to experience dryness and tightness. Those harsh, foamy cleansers make it worse by stripping away the skin’s oil-lipid layer that keeps the moisture locked in. Opt for a mild cleanser that supports your skin’s pH balance and enhances your natural radiance.
    Washing face. Closeup of woman drying skin with towel looking in mirror at bathroom. Portrait of beautiful african girl wiping facial skin with soft facial towel

  • Add some zing to your skincare game with a vitamin C serum

    Elevate your skincare routine with a top-notch Vitamin C Serum. This product revs up your skin’s cell turnover, saying goodbye to those pesky dead skin cells that can dim your glow. Plus, it’s your ally in achieving a smooth complexion, helping to fade those dark spots on deeper, more melanin-rich skin tones.
    Young african woman applying serum to her face with dropper like a part of her skin care routine

  • Cool it down a notch

    Switch things up. Instead of the shower, move to the sink. Shower face-washing often involves hotter water, which can parch your skin. Go for cooler water, a gentle face wash, and a clean silicone face cleansing brush to keep your skin glowing when it’s cooler out.
    Young African American woman wrapped in towel clean wash face with clear tap water in modern bathroom, biracial female perform daily morning cleanup routine procedure, skincare treatment concept

  • Slather on that rich, dreamy moisturizer before hitting the sack

    Every now and then, your skin craves that little extra TLC to seal in moisture overnight. Opting for a heavier moisturizer can work wonders, especially on those dry-prone areas. Simply warm it up in your palms and generously apply it beneath your eyes and around your mouth for that added moisture boost while you sleep.
    Charming millennial Afro lady applying nourishing facial cream under her eyes near mirror at home. Pretty black woman taking care of herself, nourishing skin. Beauty and organic cosmetics concept

  • Bring in the moisture magic with a humidifier

    When you crank up the heat at home, it can zap the moisture from the air, leaving your skin feeling dry and tight. Consider getting a humidifier to keep the air comfortably moist, especially in your most frequented areas like the bedroom. Humidifiers can contribute to the betterment of skin and hair appearance, and they can also provide relief for chapped or cracked lips.
    African American Woman In Office With Air Humidifier

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