Black Music Month

Son of jazz musician Old Dara, Nas began his career in 1991. Since then, the New York rapper has released ten studio albums. Since it’s Black Music Month, we’re celebrating his career with these five things you need to know about well-known rapper/record producer/actor/entrepreneur. 


1. The artist’s full name is Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones.

His first name, according to Elite Daily, means “helper and protector” in Arabic.


2. When Illmatic was released, the rapper originally wanted to go to film school.

Needless to say, he did not expect the upcoming and unexpected success of the album. He decided against going to film school and, instead, became a rap legend.


3. During Art Basel Miami, he sold a painting for $14,000!

As Complex states, all the profits he received from his recently completed artwork went to charity.


4. There is some beef between Jay-z and Nas.

It all started from a 1999 song called “We Will Survive” where Nas talks about big. The Boom Box reports that the lyric states “It used to be fun, makin’ records to see your response/But now competition is non, now that you’re gone/And these n- gas is wrong, using your name in vain/And they claim to be New York’s kind?/ It ain’t about that.”


5. There were periods of time where no one would know where Nas would go.

According to Elite Daily, he would enter “weird episodes” where he would disappear. He stated that he would often spend time along “in a secret apartment he kept in Long Island writing lyrics.”


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