From 11:30 to 1 PM, you are able to enjoy a free lunch, all because of Basketball. 

Due to a 16 seed beating a No. 1 in men’s NCAA tournament, Little Caesars is fulfilling their promise of a free lunch combo! You receive a 4-slice Deep Dish Pizza and a 20 OZ pop of your choice in Pepsi Products.


The Little Caesars on 9 Mile in Ferndale / Oak Park already had a line before 11AM, so if you go, be sure to get there quick! You might be in a line for a hot second.

The giving doesn’t stop there, though.

On the back of the voucher that they will hand you at the door, you can get a coupon for a Buy One Lunch Combo, Get A Second One Free! So if you’re really into some Little Caesars, you can get that as well.


Have fun munching!


Amy Cooper is a photographer and journalist in the Detroit area. Keep up with her adventures on @acronymofficial.