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Explore 5 of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Mexicantown Detroit

Looking for the best Mexican restaurants in Mexicantown Detroit? Whether you're a local craving for or in town for the NFL Draft, we've got the hook-up! We wouldn't have a whole area in Detroit dedicated to this cuisine if it weren't authentically good! But before diving into some of the best spots, let's talk briefly about Mexicantown's history and what makes Mexican food authentic. What Makes Mexican Food Authentic My husband is Mexican. I asked him what makes Mexican food authentic to him. He said, "To me, authentic Mexican food has minimal ingredients with maximum flavor. So many spices are used to elevate otherwise bland ingredients into something amazing. The refried beans aren't just pinto beans. And the rice isn't just yellow rice. The spices that are added to it give it an authentic flavor. For me, authentic Mexican food represents lots of spices & has a colorful presentation. It's also about the use of traditional kitchen tools. My Mom spent hours making food from scratch with a molcajete (mortar and pestle), tortilla press, and a comal." History of Mexicantown Detroit Mexicantown is such a unique and vibrant area in Detroit. The area itself is considered to be within Southwest Detroit. While it was named "Mexicantown" in the late 80's, the Mexican population in Detroit started setting in the area in the 1920s due to increased industrial labor jobs.  Further surges of immigration decades later increased the population in the area. Not only are there authentic Mexican restaurants in the area, but brightly colored buildings are painted with amazing murals. The area is just so rich in culture.  If you'd like to learn more about its history, check out the book "Detroit's Mexicantown" By Maria Elena Rodriguez. Where to Find the Best Mexican Restaurants in Mexicantown Detroit While there are many places to enjoy great Mexican food in Detroit, we've narrowed down the list to 5 of the best Mexican restaurants in Mexicantown Detroit for you to visit to satisfy your craving. Check out the list below and enjoy!

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