Parks and Recreation star, Retta sat down with VULTURE to tell some of her craziest celebrity experiences.

Retta didn’t hold back when she divulged the time when Taylor Swift cut in front of her while she was in line waiting to use the bathroom.

“We’re standing there forever in line, standing in line, moving up, moving up, and I was next,” she said. “I was looking off to the left, and I see Taylor walk past. I yelled, ‘Taylor!’ She turns around and was like, ‘Oh, were you next?’”

Retta responded with, “Was I?”

Retta wanted to include the story in her latest memoir, So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know but lawyers weren’t convinced that Taylor would admit to the incident happening. “It did because I told the story the minute I came out of the bathroom, and I’ve been telling it ever since. It was pretty f______g funny to me. I was thinking I’ll be in her songs next.” said Retta.

What would you have done if Taylor Swift cut you in the bathroom line?