NFL Investigating What Now?

NFL investigating laser pointed at Patriots' Tom Brady during Sundays game. 

The NFL reportedly is investigating after a Kansas City television station noticed multiple incidents of a laser pointer being directed toward New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the AFC championship on Sunday night.

A TV station reporter tweeted about a station photographer seeing the laser showing up on Tom Brady during the game.

William Joy on Twitter

Our photographer, Turner Twyman, caught someone pointing what appears to be a laser pointer in Tom Brady's face last night. Play between the "muff" that wasn't and Sorensen int. @NFL, @Patriots and @Chiefs all told me they weren't aware of the incident.

After reviewing the tapes. They said that they seen the laser show up on Tom Brady at least three times.  On a handoff to Sony Michel, on a pass for Chris Hogan and on a pass for Rob Gronkowski.

Even with all of this going on ... The Patriots won the game, but the NFL isn't happy on this happen. Lasers can be harmful when pointed directly into the eyes and very distracting.

Are you excited about seeing the Patriots and the Rams playing in the Big Game Feb 3rd? Who do you think is going to win?

(Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)