Have You Seen Tom Izzo Blow Up On One of His Own Players?

This could have gone better.


????????The Five-Footer???? on Twitter

Tom Izzo loses it on his freshman Henry ???? https://t.co/j25dSjT9Ra


This wild video occurred during the opening round of the NCAA Tournament when Michigan Statue took on Bradley.


The internet has not been short on reactions:

Geoff Schwartz on Twitter

Tom Izzo with the passive aggressive lunge at his player like he was going to fight him. ????

Jim Comparoni on Twitter

Apparently it's news around here that Tom Izzo sometimes aggressively challenges players during time outs. You haven't been paying attention for the last 24 years and 600 wins?

Isaac on Twitter

gUyS hAtE pLaYiNg fOr tOm IzZo https://t.co/VxquyPTydk



After the game, Coach Izzo talked about why he went after his own player and what prompted the outburst in the first place:


Brad Galli on Twitter

Here's Tom Izzo's full explanation about Aaron Henry, why he went after him, and his evaluation of the results. And included is the answer to a question from @TheSpartanMag about going to Henry late. https://t.co/7KigXeMljD

Bradley v Michigan State
DES MOINES, IOWA - MARCH 21: Head coach Tom Izzo of the Michigan State Spartans glares at Aaron Henry #11 after a play during their game in the First Round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament against the Bradley Braves at Wells Fargo Arena on March 21, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)