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So I like to follow the rules but occasionally I do break them and usually when I do, it’s pretty bad.

I just moved into a new apartment complex across town and they have a strict pet policy. Only TWO pets per apartment. Currently, I have my dog and my girlfriend’s dog there and they are registered on the lease. The problem is, we found another cutie that we want and we’re buying him. The question is – how in the hell am I going to sneak him in? It’s easy to get him into the apartment but what happens when maintenance comes? I can only use the “dog sitting” excuse once because it’s not like he’s going to be there once and then gone the next day.

Some people have suggested I just hide the dog in the car when necessary or take him on a walk but what happens when they show up unannounced? I don’t want to get evicted but I also don’t want to follow the rules. I KNOW I’m not the only one with this dilemma. My girlfriend hasn’t seen a picture of the dog and doesn’t know the breed so I’m keeping it a secret for now, but soon I will share a picture!

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Update (8/4/20):

Here’s a picture of my girlfriend Kaitlyn with the puppy who’s name is Donnie! Night #1 was a little rough but overall, he’s going to fit right in. Oh, and we haven’t gotten caught yet!

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