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National Video Game Day: Great Metro Detroit Video Game Stores

I was so excited this morning to see that it is National Video Game Day today! I remember the days of being locked in on a gaming system when they first came out & you could not pull me away from it! Gaming systems were new & we were all amazed at what you could do. I'm certain there were days that I didn't even sleep trying to beat those games. I remember the excitement when you finally would. Great memories from my childhood for sure and I bet you have some great ones too. I think no matter what age you are there is a game that makes you feel nostalgic. What game is that for you? For me, I would definitely have to say the bundle that first came out with "Mario Brothers", "Duck Hunt", and Track Meet with the "Power Pad". Do you remember that Power Pad? It's probably the only time in my life that I enjoyed running! The internet has definitely changed the way we shop & I know that you can grab games & their systems online, but here's a list of Metro Detroit gaming shops for you to show your support.

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