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LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 06: Producer Shawn Carter AKA Jay-Z attends "The Harder They Fall" World Premiere during the 65th BFI London Film Festival at The Royal Festival Hall on October 06, 2021 in London, England.

"The Harder They Fall" World Premiere - 65th BFI London Film Festival

Jay-Z has just won a MAJOR victory when a bill he backed in the New York Senate passed!


The bill, known as the “Rap Music on Trial” bill restricts when prosecutors can cite rap lyrics as evidence during criminal cases. The bill also garnered support from Fat Joe, Meek Mill and others!


This bill definitely would’ve assisted Young Thug and Gunna, both of whom are facing RICO charges. The prosecutors in their case are using song lyrics as evidence. The bill must next pass the Senate assembly before becoming a law.


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