Who invited Jigsaw to Thanksgiving?

Who invited Jigsaw to Thanksgiving? We’ve all had to deal with unwanted or unruly guests. From that uncle that just can’t stop talking about his neighbor’s long grass and how he needs to cut it. The mildly racist aunt who keeps bringing that mysterious casserole. How do they compare to Jigsaw? On clickhole.com, they give us five humorous ways of dealing with Jigsaw’s presence.

Jigsaw is the antagonist of the series of horror movies, Saw. Saw was created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. There have been nine movies in total. The first Saw came out in 2004 and the latest came out in 2021.

Jigsaw, usually represented as a bright white-faced puppet, places his victims in torturous situations. Jigsaw has terrified us with his devious traps for almost two decades and is not a guest I would normally want to invite to Thanksgiving.

But if you find yourself in a situation where you invite a dangerous tricycle-riding, trap-making maniac, these tips will help you still have a wonderful holiday.

Which horror movie character do you think would be the worst to invite to Thanksgiving? Jason and Michael would already come prepared to carve the turkey! Freddy could easily slice up some solid turkey sandwiches! Maybe Chucky is good at making side dishes?’

Saw blades for woodworking machine

  • 1. Give Jigsaw the Facts

    Never bring politics to the dinner table. Jigsaw does love to talk about how the only people who deserve to live are those willing to sacrifice (literally) parts of themselves to survive. What better time to counter this argument than with facts. Tell Jigsaw about how there are many people willing to be productive and useful without having to result to self-mutilation. Any direct disqualification of his theory will hopefully shut down any further political and theological discussions while passing the yams.

  • 2. Those things Jigsaw says are not okay

    Jigsaw often talks about how his death traps are a necessary evil in society. With these traps, you can choose your own destiny. At this point, it is best to cut Jigsaw off and explain to him that placing keys in people’s skulls or chaining people to walls of spinning blades is just not socially acceptable behavior. And it won’t be tolerated at your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • 3. Reverse Psychology is best

    Jigsaw has a tendency to monopolize everyone’s time droning on and on about his elaborate schemes. If you are trying to have a pleasant conversation and Jigsaw just can’t seem to stop, then perhaps point out what else he could be doing. Explain to him that if he spent less time developing these overly elaborate schemes and traps, he could spend that time practicing pilates, learning a new language, or starting a travel blog. He will be so confused by this logic he will likely trail off and walk away (or scoot if he brought that annoying tricycle.) 

  • 4. You both have this something in common

    Maybe Jigsaw is not that bad of a guy (puppet). Perhaps you can find something in common. He does love puzzles. Do you love puzzles too? When Jigsaw decides to go on another tirade about a complex deathtrap he just devised, steer him toward this new 1000-piece Baby Grogu puzzle you just got. What better way to distract him than the universe’s cutest creature? 

  • 5. Could you be wrong?

    There is a slight chance that you’ve been wrong all along about these schemes and deadly traps. Maybe if you really listened to Jigsaw instead of diverting your attention, you might learn something about yourself. What if his ways have some merit? Jigsaw will appreciate that you took the time to listen to his point of view and will make the holiday so much more enjoyable.

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