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How to Make a Cool At-Home Study Space

There are ten million things you'd rather be doing other than studying, but it has to get done eventually. To make focusing on work more pleasant, transform your at-home study space into a place you actually enjoy spending your time.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

Pick one room and stick to it

If you spend some nights studying in your room, then others in the living room or the kitchen, your brain never really gets clued in that this is time to focus and be productive. Instead, designate one room as your study space. It makes it much easier to go into total concentration mode when you go there each time you're ready to hit the books.

Add some greenery

Sure, you need the essentials like your computer, some pencils, and probably a calculator, but adding some succulents or other greenery on your desk breathes life into the space.

I repotted my succulents today! I feel like they make my whole study space seem fresher. Since I'm still new to this whole plant ownership thing, anyone got any care tips? #studygram #studyspo #studyspaces

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Get a desk you actually like

Your desk can pull the whole room together, so make sure you love the one you choose. We have total envy over this study space.

Loving this trestle table desk set up via @theworkspacestylist #firsthomerun #interiorstyling #studyspaces #interiorinspo #homedecor

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Make sure it's organized

Invest in an organizational system that works for you, whether it's folders, shelves, or a desk with plenty of drawers. It's much easier to focus when the area around you is clean.

Clean work spaces...???? future study inspo #Spaces #StudySpaces #Clean #Inspo #ExamModeInspo #Focus #GimmeAYear

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Lastly, make sure the space you choose is quiet enough to concentrate. If every member of your family is storming through every 10 minutes, it's going to be hard to get anything done.



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