Over 100,000 people have digitally signed a petition that requests the block of Manhattan Avenue, where Trump Tower is housed in New York City, be renamed after former President Barack Obama, Vibe reports. 

Spearheaded by Elizabeth Rowin, the petition that’s hosted on MoveOn.org was initially created as a joke.

However, there were lots of people who were supportive of the initiative. Rowin claims that she’s heard from “several” city council members who were interested in the idea, during an interview with Newsweek.

“I am sure the conditions can be changed,” Rowin said. “There are two streets in LA named after former President Obama. These laws are arbitrary and can be worked around,” Rowin said.

The address of any building between 56th and 57th streets and Fifth Avenue would be changed if the request were to come to fruition.

That would include Trump Tower’s address, which would be 725 President Barack H. Obama Ave.

However, in order to rename a street after a person in New York City, the person must be deceased.



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