Rapper Jim Jones was able to continue his usual hilarious weather report amid the coronavirus “pandademic” [sic] on Monday (Mar. 23), although he wants people to leave him alone about it.

“Weavah Man Jim” stepped outside to let his fans know that “It’s a pandademic and it’s snowing outside. [expletive] is wack,” as he wrote in the caption of his “Weavah Man” report. “I urge everyone stay inside n stay healthy.”

“This [expletive] is wack. Y’all knew this was coming. Got these [expletive] waking me up talking about it’s a [expletive] storm, a snow storm,” Jones said while tapping his foot.

“There’s a lot of moving parts going on right now outside, man. We can’t move. It’s a pandademic. It’s 36 degrees. That means it’s freezing temperatures. And it’s snow hailing out this [expletive]. Who’s in charge?”

“We can’t go nowhere. We can’t get to the bag. We stuck in the house and now it’s [expletive] snowing,” Jones continued. “I apologize, baby, you can go get them Uggs. Ugg season ain’t over. Pull em’ out because it’s crazy today. Cover up that lace front. Cover up your face, matter a fact. Don’t cough on nobody and don’t breathe on nobody. Don’t move too much”

“Somebody explain to me what the really [expletive] is going on inside this [expletive] world. This [expletive] is too much for me, now. I can’t take it no more,” Jones continued.

“Can’t get fresh. The drip report is over. [expletive] ain’t going nowhere. All the clubs are closed. Who’s in charge out there? I mean really what the [expletive] is going on? They’re still calling me to do the weather when [expletive] ain’t got no place to go. Leave me the [expletive] alone, please. It’s 36 degrees, man.[Expletive] like that. I’ll holla.”

It's a ????demic and it's snowing outside shit is wack I urge everyone stay inside n stay healthy

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