Gwen Stefani appeared in a hilarious parody on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon playing country versions of some of her hit songs.

Fallon said dressed up in long hair and a cowboy hat in the skit made to appear like a infomercial, “Howdy I’m Buck Pinto, here with a new record I think y’all are going to be mighty excited for see. If you’re like me, you love the sweet sounds of down home country music, but if you’re also like me, you love the rockin’ music of multitalented superstar Gwen Stefani. Problem is, you got to choose one or the other.”

“Well, not anymore, thanks to this new album, Gwen’s Gone Country,” Fallon’s Buck Pinto said, holding up a record featuring Stefani in denim and a cowboy hat standing next to a wide open field.

Strumming a guitar and wearing a red cowgirl ensemble, Stefani belted out some amazing new covers of a few No Doubt classics, reimagined as country tunes — starting with “Don’t Speak” and snippets of country-inspired renditions of “Spiderwebs” and “Hollaback Girl,” which was just hilarious.

Fallon said in closing “If you order today you get this bonus album, Blake Shelton Big Ska Country.”

Gwen Stefani's Gone Country

A commercial advertises an album called Gwen's Gone Country, a Gwen Stefani album that puts a country twist on her pop hits like "Don't Speak" and "Hollaback...